Evaluation and Assessment

One of our experienced, trained staff members meets with each potential client for a personalized comprehensive evaluation of his or her health status and reviews the resources presently available to meet the individual's needs.

In addition to evaluating current health and living arrangements, we also give thoughtful consideration to short and long term future needs and prepare a plan of options to address those issues as they arise. We focus on safety, comfort, peace of mind, and respectful care, mindful of economic solutions that are client appropriate.

Case Management

Our thorough individualized case management has many facets which may include:

  • Establish and monitor in-home care arrangements.

  • Identify and recommend safe and appropriate housing options if residential care is not appropriate.

  • Assist with the relocation process if necessary.

  • Provide advocacy care services with care givers, medical care providers, and other service providers.

  • Facilitate life-style options including transportation to appointments and social or cultural events.



Guardians are appointed by the Court and are responsible for the supervision of housing, personal care, medical decisions, and general well-being of the individuals. A report is submitted annually to the Court for review.


Conservators are court-appointed. The duties of a Conservator include managing and conserving an individual's assets and supervising expenditures. Conservators are bonded and report annually to the Court.

Personal Representative

Named by the Will and appointed by the Court. A Personal Representative works with an attorney to assure that the terms of a Will are carried out in accordance with the deceased's expressed wishes as
efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Medical Power-of-Attorney

The person holding a Medical Power-of-Attorney is responsible for making medical decisions for those who are incapable of doing so for themselves. Whenever possible, the individual in question is asked to detail their wishes in this area before the Medical Power-of-Attorney is activated.

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